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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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The truth of history: Wehrmacht, just as SS, slaughtered and raped on a mass scale

This article is full of FALSE information...honestly it seems as though the writer just made most of it up, there is nothing sourced, shows no proo

Emily Vidovic

Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

nice article

nice one

The USA and other organizers of anti-Russian sanctions stand up for Nemtsov's murder

USA go to hell!

Fuck USA!

Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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«Boeing-777» crash near Donetsk is a deafening failure of special operation of the USA!

The American establishment differs with very rare quality: it considers that all clever people in the world are concentrated only in one place and this place is Washington. Actually everything is exactly the opposite that especially it became visible on actions of present administration of Barack Obama. Not to mention Jane Psaki or Samantha Power who become the talk of the town, the virus of poverty of intellect concerned an inner sanctum is the intelligence services. They weren’t able to organize even the elementary provocation.
If to analyse the failures of the USA on political and military fronts lately, becomes obvious that falling of «Boeing-777» was something like a god-send for them. Probably, it is possible even to exclaim something like «It happens such!». And, considering Barack Obama’s extreme devotion, it is possible even to imagine as he uplifts a prayer to the God, thanking him for the airliner which has fallen so in time …
And that is why:
The main objectives of the Ukrainian crisis organized and paid by the USA, were:

1. Exile of the Russian Black Sea fleet from Sevastopol and the Crimea, and creation the naval bases of the USA and NATO there.
2. Capture of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, and also gas-bearing layers of fields of shale gas in the districts of Slavyansk, Kharkov, Mariupol, the Crimea and in the western Ukraine under the control of the USA.
3. Rupture of economic relations of the Southeast of Ukraine with Russia, destruction of the enterprises connected with the Russian military industrial complex.
4. Russia isolation from supply of natural gas to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.
5. Hindrance to development of Russia economy by different introduction of sanctions.

Political situation in the world on the eve of accident of Malaysian ‘Boeing-777″:

1. Creation of united trade zone of the USA-EU is actually broken.
2. EU countries refuse to enter so-called third package of sanctions and to work with a united front together with the USA concerning Russia.
3. The German chancellor Angela Merkel actually opposed the USA, having urged to hold tripartite consultations with participation of representatives of Novorossiya.
4. The mass appeals started being distributed in Europe and the world to stop bloodshed in the Southeast of Ukraine.
5. In Ukraine the process of understanding by the population of the future accident in economy and housing and communal services began.

Situation on fronts of the Southeast of Ukraine:

1. Armies of the Kiev authorities didn’t manage to break link between Donetsk and Lugansk.
2. Armies of the Kiev authorities didn’t manage to de-block the garrisons in Donetsk and Lugansk airports.
3. On the southern direction three «coppers» were formed in which about 5 thousand people from armed forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, national guard and so-called «voluntary battalions» got.
4. Death of staff of armies of the Kiev junta and destruction of equipment gained mass character.
5. In the centre and in the west of Ukraine the population protests against continuation of war started getting the scale dangerous to Kiev.
Thus, instead of expected victories and progress, the USA achieved nothing except conflict kindling in Ukraine. And after plans of the USA started falling, there was even more urgent need of further escalation of the military conflict to the purpose of involvement of Russia in it.
However, despite numerous provocations on the border, caused, including death of the Russian citizens, attempts of toughening of sanctions, the required result wasn’t reached. And here, as it is impossible, by the way, in the territory controlled by insurgents of Novorossiya, Malaysian «Boeing» falls …

So, it is obvious that this «Boeing-777» could be destroyed by:

А) Rocket of the class «earth — air» of «Buk-M1», «S-200V», «S-300» complexes of various modifications.
B) The class «air-air» rocket from fighters «MiG-29» or «Su-27», consisting on arms of the Air Force of Ukraine.
C) The explosion which has occurred aboard.
Besides, in the first two cases it is necessary to understand, whether the destruction was made purposely or it could be casual.
The last assumption look like a fantasy, considering destruction of Russian «Tu-154М» in 2001 over the Black Sea by the Ukrainian S-200V complex in 2001.
So, the American poor students and their Kiev pupils at once after accident began to claim that it is the work of insurgents. The so-called president of Ukraine already hour later called the event an act of terrorism, and the number of victims was defined still before corpses were managed to count. Moreover, «record of negotiations» of allegedly «terrorists» destroyed the liner at first merged on «YouTube» still on July 16, one days prior to incident, then removed, then added again.
On wave of the Washington «magic» conductor’s baton, other participants of club of «poor students» — Great Britain, Australia and others began to accuse Donetsk of plane crash.

And after that they rushed convulsively to look for proofs: at first claimed that «insurgents took „Buk“». In order that it transported from the territory of Russia, brought down «Boeing-777», then took away back, destroyed, and calculation for concealment of traces liquidated. And even called quantity of the complexes «imported» by the Russian Federation — already three! Thus poor students didn’t find time to get to know that Buk complex consists from:
- 1 x Command point 9S470M1−2
- 6 x Self-propelled fire installation 9A310M1−2
- 3 x Starting and blast loading installation 9A39M1
- 1 x Station of detection of the purposes 9S18M1
It is not a problem for such complex to bring down the purpose at the height of 10 kilometres, flying at a speed of 900 kilometres per hour, but to declare that insurgents had all set, even Americans couldn’t do that… Therefore authors of idiotic provocation began to claim that it was not complete complex, but only one or several self-propelled fire installations. They somewhere read that such installation is capable to fire independently …
However … the radar station of the launcher is rather weak. It is effective only during the work in a complex: Radar station «Kupol"provides the circular review, further target acquisition, transfers the data to command point, command point gives out the targeting, the launcher is deployed towards an estimated zone of attack and begins detection of the purposes in the sector.
Radar station 9S35 which is established on fire installations 9A310M1 (BUK-M1), has the following characteristics.
range of detection:
— at the height over 3 km — 70 km
— at the height less than 100 m — 40 km
— the «helicopter» purpose in a lag mode at small height — 35 km

zone of the review, degrees:
in a search mode:
on an azimuth: 120
on a place corner: 6.7
That is, it is extremely difficult to catch just like that the plane at the height of 10 kilometres, flying with a cruiser speed of 900 km/h— it is necessary to know where from and where it flies.
In other words, the calculation of self-propelled fire installation has to know rather well a place and height of the probable purpose. If there is no station of detection of the purposes, certainly, these purposes can be reported by simple phone …
But … «Malaysian «Boeing-777» went under control of the Kiev dispatchers and changed the course for more northern, as if specially to fly by through the territory controlled by a militia of Novorossiya. From what the conclusion follows that, on the one hand, the Kiev dispatchers removed «Boeing-777» strictly in a zone of firing of the self-propelled fire Buk-1M installation if that was, on the other hand, instructed its calculation where they should shoot …
And the dialogue could be following:
The dispatcher to «Boeing»:
- Well, 2 degrees more left, occupy an echelon 10100, well, right now they shoot you …
The dispatcher to «BUK»:
- Aim an azimuth 320, removal 25, let’s shoot…
«BUK» calculation:
- Went, darling!
- The dispatcher to «Boeing»:
- Excellent work, right now you would be so shot…

The idiocy and marasmus of organizers of this provocation is so obvious that doesn’t demand any proofs.

But it didn’t end: the head of SBU Nalivaychenko went into action and published allegedly the record of allegedly terrorists about allegedly arrival in allegedly Donetsk of allegedly «BUK» in which the participants exchange the words what to do farther with «BUK» which was brought to Donetsk from Russia …
If the American organizers of this statement consider that the Russian intelligence services are so stupid, it becomes sincerely a pity for them. If «BUK» actually was brought from Russia, it would become known of it only after elimination of all Air Force of Ukraine …
But it is not all. After all the failure followed the failure …
The analysis of flight and the subsequent falling of «Boeing-777» testifies that if it was struck by insurgents, so the firing would be made on counter or counter crossed courses.
Specially for the American-Ukrainian poor students: the military unit of the rocket 9M317 has weight to 70 kilograms and is filled with striking elements, in other words, shrapnels.
After radio detonator operation it explodes at some distance to the purpose and forms the sphere with a diameter of 15−17 meters literally larded by metal elements. As a result the fuselage, wings and other elements of a design become similar to a sieve. And in a case with civil plane corpses, at least, several passengers have to be literally larded by these most metal elements. Is it in vain the Kiev authorities interfere in every possible way with the international experts in opportunity to carry out pathoanatomical expertize and to allow them to a plane crash site?
Moreover, according to ballistics laws which work even for the American poor students all the same: when ZRK firing on counter courses the part of elements of the rocket, by the way, entraining any fragments of the purpose, will fly in the direction of the flight, and they will fall, respectively in the direction opposite to the direction of flight of the purpose. So, as they say, «Look for…», only you will find something hardly …
In a word, the version about «BUK» application badly smells. There is one more feature which allows to claim that falling of «Boeing-777» is a silly provocation. The matter is that such plane crashes is the cut-away of the USA. The American «plane» provocations are united by one characteristic feature: the number of the declared victims never coincides with quantity of the found corpses …
So it was in 1983 when near the island of Sakhalin the American prospecting plane was brought down which the USA, despite of the facts, long time tried to give out for the civil. However, the objectives were achieved, and it gave a reason to the president of the USA Ronald Reagan to declare the USSR as «empire of evil» and to begin the program of «star wars». Certainly, the quantity of the found corpses was less of the declared many times. Americans then claimed that the corpses were carried away by a current, but nobody believed them.
On September 11, 2011 in the same way the corpses were didn’t find in general in the plane crashing into the building of the Pentagon. Not all bodies were found in that airliner which, being allegedly taken by terrorists, was brought down and fell somewhere in the State of Pennsylvania, not to mention two planes crashing into towers of the World Shopping Centre.
Here now: 188 corpses were found, but there were about 300 passengers. Moreover, eyewitnesses claim that there was no blood (!) traces on many corpses and at once the strong putrid smell started being caught after a plane crash among fragments … It will be absolutely no wonder if in the airport of Amsterdam there are employees who under the oath will testify that in the fallen plane during its preparation any «unclear freight» was loaded for a departure.
Generally, if to consider as a main goal of this «binary» provocation discredit both the militiamen of Donets Basin and Russia, for its accurate realization it would be necessary «to land» the plane not by means of «BUK», but by the use of air-air rockets, and it is simple to blow up it in the necessary point of a route by means of put in advance blasting charge even better. Only in that case it is possible to provide falling of fragments in the territories controlled by militiamen, having accused them, certainly, of application of mythical nonexistent «BUK».
If to compare a photo and video of fragments of «Tu-154М» which has been brought down by the Ukrainian S-200V complex in 2001 and fragments of «Boeing-777» which has been brought down on July 17, 2014, it becomes clear that while there is no fragment in general testifying to application of such anti-aircraft missile complex. There are no traces of defeat of elements of a design striking elements of a military unit of an anti-aircraft missile …
However, the version of application of «BUK» takes place all the same to be: after all on Wednesday near Donetsk, one day prior to accident whole 27! () self-propelled fire Buk-1M installations of the Ukrainian army were developed. So according to the probability theory rocket the firing on «Boeing-777» by the Ukrainian air defence is much more probable, but Washington still doesn’t know the theory of probability and can’t master four rules of arithmetic still.
In case if such occurred in reality, the American poor students and their Ukrainian colleagues were compelled to improvise under way, than, probably, so numerous discrepancies, failures and nonsense are explained which we observe.
And the last: still «flight recorders» of «Boeing-777» aren’t found. In case if its death was deliberate, it is possible to assume that they won’t be found. That is, the plane, taking off from Amsterdam, had no them onboard as they would allow to establish how exactly the plane was lost. In case of earth-air rocket hit the devices would record sharp change of vertical and horizontal speed, in case of hit of the rocket of «air-air» — more the horizontal speed of the aircraft.
And, besides, there is one more question without answer: where are the crew shouts about the hit of the rocket and a plane crash? And why nobody heard them, neither the Kiev dispatchers, nor fans, not the well-known site «Radioskanner»?
Conclusion is the only: whatever the reason of falling of «Boeing-777» of «Malaysian airlines» would be, this event is rough provocation, roughly made by Washington «poor students» and their Kiev «associates».
Also there is only one question: how many still the Kiev junta and its Washington patrons should kill people that bloodshed in the Southeast of Ukraine stopped?

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Author: Igor Matveev,military expert, colonel

Publication date : 20 July 2014 19:18

Source: The world and we