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USA + EU = Reich + SS



Winston Churchill is gulity of thousands of deaths in The Battle of Britain

Winston Churchill was a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jim martin

About the neo-Nazi diarrhea in the countries of the Baltic States or as the USA raise the fascism again

lol https://news.yahoo.com/inside-the-kremlins-disinformation-war-against-ukraine-183128480.html

sir bonklalot

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

Glory to the heroes.

Taras Lepezdryuchenko

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

The great "Canadian" "journalist" Argyle Turner, again hot on the heels of something big! Hey Argyle, are your bills still being paid in Ro

насрать Владимиру в глотку

Thousands people oppose the construction of military biological laboratory of the USA in Merefa

It seems the Russians are now going to have a look at what they were doing in the Merefa biological lab


Ivan Datsenko from Ukraine is the leader of the Indians and the agent of the Soviet intelligence service

Переклад просто жахливий

Roman Kordun

Excuse us, Russians...



The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

What the fuck? This is a joke right? Not a single thing I've read here is true


The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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The truth of history: Wehrmacht, just as SS, slaughtered and raped on a mass scale

This article is full of FALSE information...honestly it seems as though the writer just made most of it up, there is nothing sourced, shows no proo

Emily Vidovic

Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

nice article

nice one

The USA and other organizers of anti-Russian sanctions stand up for Nemtsov's murder

USA go to hell!

Fuck USA!

The secrets of June 22: and how the Lithuanian troops ensured the success of the “Center” Army group... Chapter IV

Why was the brunt of the "Center" Army group knocked by the Goth Panzer Group across Lithuania, instead of Guderian's tanks across Brest? It was the success of the special operation of both Abwehr and the Wehrmacht, which the betrayal of the Lithuanian Red Army units provided. At present in Lithuania they make up the songs as to the forthcoming "holy" war with the Poles. Is the heredity shown?

At Soviet times, it was categorically forbidden to talk about such facts that was accountably completely: in the Soviet Union the ones did not want to think about the past, in order the friendship of peoples was not just a slogan ... but at present time we can and must speak!

Lithuania as both the fascist state and the ally of Nazi Germany

Since December 17, 1926, in consequence of the military coup, in other words by the army forces, actually the fascist regime was established in Lithuania, at the head of it Alexander Smetona was. He was the St. Petersburg University-educated, Catholic, nationalist, brilliant publicist, skilled diplomat and he had the full support of the reactionary party "Tautininkay sayunga" (the Union of the Nationalists, or tautinniki), what can we say about him else? The Left was hated by him with fierce hat red, all the leftist organizations, including the Communist Party were banned, the ones who were engaged in the underground activities and was “discovered”, they were in the concentration camps, including the forts of the Kovno fortress.
The resident of USSR NKVD in Kaunas, on November 21, 1938 wrote: “The Germans that were bolstered by the Lithuanian policy of concessions, at the end of June this year, staged in Klaipeda the trial of strength by organizing both massive anti-Lithuanian actions and pro-German demonstrations, during which the Lithuanian administration in Klaipeda and the central administration showed the complete confusion and they did not made proper conclusions ...

At that time (at the end of June), the Lithuanian Foreign Minister Lozoraytis visited Berlin and had the conversation with Ribbentrop. The last one submitted him a number of “complaints” as to the Lithuanian line of action in Klaipeda region (They are famous “11 points”, 39). In addition, Ribbentrop said to Lozoraytis that the “indefinite attitude of Lithuania (unlike Latvia and Estonia) to the Bolshevism” does not work towards good relations between Germany and Lithuania.

After it the events began to unfold much faster. The Klaipeda Germans intensified, and the Lithuanian government began seriously to think as to the German requirements allowing and ultimately the one satisfied them almost completely. They even tried to give the advances, forbidding the newspapers to write something nasty about Germany, they allowed the broadcast of the Hitler speeches as well as the spreading in Lithuania both books: Hitler's “My fight” ("Mein Kampf". -Ed.) and Rosenberg’s “The Myth of the XX century” and so on ... Soon afterwards, the Lithuanian government had announced as to its neutrality policy and friendship with all its neighbors, under which Germany and Poland were meant in the first instance. The Lithuanian press (including the so-called opposition) started to put apparently pro-German shirttails, etc. And at last, on November 1, this year the Lithuanian government abolished the defense emergency that was 12 years... it was the omphalos of the German demands. At present, only one item remains unsatisfied the one concerns the removal of the Klaipeda Lithuanian political police that now the Germans carry (already with let off the leash fully) extensively...

At present time all work in the Klaipeda region is headed by the fascist and former putschist Ernst Neumann 41, who heads newly created mass organizations – “Cultural Union of the Klaipeda Germans”. In public he had declared himself the Klaipeda territory leader... This organization establishment should be regarded as the National Socialist Party legalization, with all consequences that appear from it. In particular, about it the fact says that firstly the organization brought together all existing up to now numerous so-called sports, charitable, professional, etc. coteries and societies, clubs and unions that were as the cover of the Nazi activity during the existence of the defense emergency. The plain evidence of the last fact... that several thousand strong demonstrations of November 1 and in the subsequent days were highly organized...

At present time, in the Klaipeda territory there are the following things: fascist rampancy, inextinguishable terror of the Germans in all spheres of political, economic and cultural life. Now all it is aimed at preparing the upcoming elections that will be on December 11, this year in the Klaipeda seymik, it will provide the complete German victory in the elections.

The current political situation of the Klaipeda territory, Germany is going to use constantly as press for political and any other pressure on Lithuania that the one does with success now, interfering in the purely internal affairs of this country. According to the existing data, the Germans made it understood for the Lithuanian government the undesirability of leaving in line of duties of the following persons: the Minister of the Interior, Leonas (who in the past presided at the Neumann trial and then he had sentenced the one), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lozoraytis (as polonofila) and the present governor of Klaipeda territory Kubilius (as the last representative of the defense emergency in Klaipeda). The Lithuanian government is given to satisfy these “wishes” of the German by the cabinet reorganizing, which is expected in December this year, after the swearing (on December 12) of the newly elected President Smetona ... It is clear that the pointed out persons will be replaced with more acceptable and admissible to Germany ones ... “Roman”.

The concessions of the Lithuanian authorities to the advantage of the German Nazis led to the situation that on March 22, 1939, Germany seized both the Klaipeda port and Klaipeda territory. On the eve Ribbentrop invited the new Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Urbsys to the “negotiations” in Berlin, during which he, in ultimatum form, demanded the immediate execution of the agreement on the handover of both Klaipeda and Klaipeda territory to Germany. In response to the tentative objections of Urbsys, Ribbentrop stated that in the event of the refusal, the Wehrmacht units will be brought into Lithuania, and "Kovno (Kaunas – at that time the one was the capital of Lithuania. - Ed.) will be razed to the ground".

On September 20 that year, the German side had prepared the draft document, entitled as the “Basic Principles of the defense pact between Germany and Lithuania”, where the Republic of Lithuania sovereign rights were violated harshly. Here is its text:

“September 20, 1939.
The Government of the German Reich and the Lithuanian government, taking into account the political situation in Europe at large and to guarantee the interests of both parties that in every respect complement each other, now hereby have agreed as follows:
Article I
Without prejudice to its independence as state, Lithuania gives itself under the German Reich guardianship.

Article II
Germany and Lithuania; make the military convention each other so that this guardianship could be carried out practically.
Article III
Both governments must immediately enter into negotiations with each other in order to establish both close relations and comprehensive economic ones between two countries.
The military agreement main content
1. The size, the deployment and the armament of the Lithuanian Army should be regularly defined under the entire understanding of the Wehrmacht Supreme Command.
2. For the practical implementation of the paragraph I provisions, the German military commission will be sent to Kaunas “.47

On September 23, 1939, in 3 days after the execution of the project of pointed out “Agreement” by the German side, the Charge d'affaires of the USSR in Lithuania, Vladimir Semenov cabled to the USSR People's Commissariat of the Foreign Affairs: “... In the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (Lithuanian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. - Ed.) the ones are agitated by the rumors that come up in city [Kaunas] suddenly that, as they say, came out of the entourage of the German mission that Germany is going to do with Lithuania, as in the case of Czechoslovakia, that is, to overmaster it “.

How in these conditions did the Lithuanian dictator Smetona act? In November 1939 and in February 1940 he was twice sent to Berlin with the secret mission of the director of the Department of the State Security Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Lithuania A. Povilaitis, which was asked to talk into Germany agreement to establish the Protectorate over Lithuania. The Germans promised to help, but actually they planned the seizure of Lithuania, “even in case of its armed resistance”.

Oh, what Stalin could be bad and tainted, when in the 40-th year he eliminated this fascist nest, and it was made by Lithuanians hands themselves, which in the election voted for the annexation to the Soviet Union...

NKVD did not have time to deal with the traitors in the Lithuanian units up to June 22, 1941

It does not the secret long ago that on the eve of the war, the NKVD-KGB, organized the massive “cleansing” in the Baltic states: on June 14, 15 851 inhabitants of Lithuania were both arrested and deported beyond the Republic. This fate was not been escaped by the officers of the 29th Corps, its leadership has been replaced completely. Corps Commander Lieutenant-General Vladimir Vitkauskas “surrendered” its powers to the Major General Alexander Samokhin, the Chief of Staff the Major General N. Chernyus did the same thing to the Colonel P. Tishenko. The chief of the Artillery corps the Brigadier General W. Zhilis, the commander of the 179th RD (rifle division) the Major-General Chepas, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Artillery of the 179th RD the Colonel L. Gustaitis and the Brigadier-General I. Iodishyus were removed from their posts. Most of the officers- Lithuanians were arrested and sentenced to the execution or to long prison terms; in general, in the 29th TRC 285 persons have been arrested.

As early as in the early hours of the war in the divisions of the 29th Lithuanian Territorial Rifle Corps the mass defection and the desertion of the Lithuanian soldiers with all attendant excesses of such events: assassinations of both commanders and political operators, premeditated abandonment or hardware kill, shooting at the back of the regular units of the Red Army.

Behlke Fritz wrote:
"The Lithuanians, armed with the Russian guns, march with enthusiasm next our columns. The population take out the drinking water in buckets”.

The arrested Army General D. G. Pavlov testified at the time of interrogation:
“On 25-th day the enemy in the direction of Vilna, according to the fugitives from Lithuania, overrun the 5-th Mechanized Division, the Lithuanian national division took a run and the mechanized units of the enemy had appeared on the right flank of the 21-st Rifle Corps”.

Analyzing the causes of the defeat, at the end of the interrogation the General said that “on the left flank (the Baltic Military District) the Lithuanian units that did not want to fight were deployed by Kuznetsov. After the first pressure on the left wing of the Balts they picked their officers and took a run. This gave the possibility to the German tank units to take a crack from Vilnius side. “If only the Lithuanians took a run, it would be half the misfortune. Many units of 184th and 179th TRD, with the majority of the Lithuanians, which did not want to serve the Soviet power they did not want both to yield oneself prisoner and to take a run but as soon as possible they joyfully turned their weapons against “red-occupiers”.
From the report of the commander of the North-Western Front to the People's Commissar of Defense, Marshal S.K. Timoshenko (on June 22 at 9:35):
“The large forces of tanks and motorized units burst towards Druskininkai. The 128th Rifle Division that in the bulk is surrounded, there is not the accurate information about its status. Considering the fact that in Orany the 184th Rifle Division deploys that is not yet fully equipped with our staff and the one is absolutely unreliable, the 179th Rifle Division in Ventsyany also not equipped and unreliable, in the same way I estimate the 181-th one... so on both its left wing and the junction with Pavlov I cannot create the group to eliminate the battling through... the 5th Tank Division on the east bank of the Neman river near Alytus will provide the 128th Infantry Division step-back and it will cover the 11-th Army rear area from the Lithuanians (it highlighted by me. - DE), as well as the one will not allow the enemy bankside on the Eastern bank of the Neman river northward of Druskininkai ".

At 22:20 of June 22 the front staff reported to the People's Commissar of Defense S. K. Timoshenko as follows: “The break with the Western Front occurred, the one we do not have the power to close due to the fact that the former five territorial divisions are little combat effective units and the most important fact – they are unreliable (we fear of treason) “.

The division headquarters of the 5-th Soviet tank division was in the eastern part of Alytus. When about 10 a.m. in the western part of the city the fires broke and the indiscriminate shooting started, the Chief of Staff Major V.G. Belikov sent the communication agent by motorcycle to clarify the situation. From the crowd of the refugees that were quickly moving to the eastern bank of the Neman, the fire, with automatic weapons was brought on the communication agent.
After betrayal of the 128th Lithuanian rifle Division and adjacent with it battalions of the other two divisions, 7, 12 and 20 German Tank Divisions had started to the Neman to capture the crossings. In direction of Alytus, near which there were two bridges cross the Neman (one bridge was directly in the town, the other one was behind its southern suburb), the 7th and the 20th Tank Divisions of the 39th Motorized Corps that numbered about 520 armored vehicles made a dash.

The second division of the 29-th Lithuanian Corps, the 179-th, was in the camp north of Vilnius. Initially, the Major-General V. Karvyalis commanded the 184th Division, in May, 1941 he was replaced by the Colonel M. Vinogradov. In the 70's and 80's of the last century, among the people that were interested in the history of the Great Patriotic War, the persistent rumors wandered that in June of the 41-th, the Lithuanians refused to defend their land from the German troops, they rebelled and, after killing of the Soviet officers that commanded them, they run away home. These days, it became clear that these rumors have ground.

When the betrayal of the Lithuanian Corps from the category of the suspicions passed into the category of the facts, the dramatic developments of the events in the south of Lithuania led to the situation, when the right flank of both the Western Military District, and then the Western Front, was almost opened.

It is the proven fact: in the “liberated” territory of the Vilna region the large-scale ethnic cleansings began: the slaughter and the robbery of the Jewish population and the “selective thinning” of the Poles. At the same time the German Wehrmacht, the Waffen-SS and punitive aynzatts group were almost out of work, because the Lithuanians themselves “successfully fulfilled the task”, without the help of the Germans. They are not even ashamed to talk about it, when living in Canada, and the evidences of it are more than enough.

“By the evening we have received the white armbands, we were told that right now we will conduct the guerrilla warfare against the Soviets, but we were given the task of absolutely different sort. We were ordered to go per the specified addresses, to gather the Jews together and to deliver them into prison, in the Jesuit seminary or in the building of the former police departments, turned to the headquarters of the “guerrillas” ... I did not pay attention to the fact that the criminals released from prison attached to us. At the time of the arrests of the Jews they incredibly committed atrocities and who were at home were killed there by them. The things that hit the taste of them, they carried with themselves, the ones immediately were sharing the money, jewelry ... The pogroms in the Jewish districts began. Yard-keepers and their close family members helped. They showed the flats of the Jews or the Soviet officials and the ones pillaged their former masters and neighbors ... The religion forbids people killing and pillaging. I am believer Catholic, so I avoided entering the house and I tried to stay out. But it was noticed and they began to mock me, saying that I am a coward and I feel sorry the Jews. Virshila also watched me; he decided that it was time for “re-education” of me. He dragged from a house a girl, put her on the edge of the porch, put in my hands his gun and forced to shoot at close range. Wounded, she fell down from the porch right at my feet. Virshila smashed her as other injuries” (Z. Gruzin. Judenfrei. Internet-magazine “Spectrum” - http://www.spectr.org).

In the town Butrymantsy (Butrimonis) that was located 16 km north-east of Alytus, in the evening of June 22, the Lithuanians began to break and pillage the Jewish shops and stores. The German troops passed via Butrimonis on June 23, about 16 p.m. of local time.

At 20 o'clock the military motorcyclists with white armbands appeared (so-called “Belopovyazochniki” – the soldiers of the 29th Corps that defected to the enemy). Coming into the house of both the Lithuanians and the Poles, they warned the owners of the houses that they must not both permit the Jews in their houses and hide them. They started the Jews killing right away, one by one. Late August – entry of September the shootings have become mass ones, notably by its own efforts, without the Germans participation. Those persons killed, who had previously played together with the Jews in football. Ten persons survived from two thousand ones...

The local police chief L. Kasperunas, one of the main organizers of the crime, in 1944 went with the Germans and after the war he had openly resided in Canada at address: Leonardas Kasperunas, 529 Montague str., Sudbury, Ontario (Internet- newspaper “Tikva” - http : / / tikva.odessa.ua / newspaper).

When the Germans wanted to shoot the hostages for guerrilla operations, as a rule, the Poles were shot. In May 1942, m. in New-Godutishki Sventsiansky region, for the murder of a German officer, thirty-three Poles were shot by the Lithuanian police. Among those shot people was the local priest and father of six children, a local school teacher. Kleofas Lavrinovich. The youngest, Kazik, the future professor of mathematics of the Kaliningrad State University, was about a year old (from the KSU website - http://cyber.albertina.ru).

Therefore, after the war, the authority went by a very simple way: all events of June 22-24 in South Lithuania in the “triangle” Alytus - Warren - Vilnius, including the actions of the 5-th Tank Division, had never been made known to public, and in fact they were classified for the sake of the friendship between the peoples...

Basically that concerns the forces of the BMD (Baltic Military District) themselves, then no forces, which are capable not only to stop but at least to impede the movement of the opponents for some time in direction of the flank of their neighbor, in the south of Lithuania weren’t available. The General Gott in his memoirs had written: “The received during the days reports gave all the grounds to believe that the Lithuanian army corps had started to dissociate. Some groups, which were driven away to the forest by the German aviation, in some places they were trying to attack our marching columns, but the centralized management of these groups was absent”.

So, when the inveterate forgers-“de-Stalinizators” sing the songs on the general routs and hardly escape of the Red Army during the days of war, they treacherously “forget” to tell about the fact that one of the reason if not the main one of the defeat of the Western front and North-Western one of the Red Army – the betrayal of the Lithuanian units…

The Lithuanians betrayed at the word of command of Abwehr…

Far in the day of June 22 the 184 TRD had organized the defense line on the western bank of the Oranka river, the management and the corpses had remained in the woods in the region of Kamenka. At 19 o’clock the commandment of the division received the secret order for the Lithuanians as to the withdrawal of the formation on the territory of USSR, in the region of Polotsk; then the decision on the retreat in direction of Vilnius had been adopted.

Former military man of the division had recalled that in the morning of June 22 the radio operators of the separate signal battalion caught the broadcast in the Lithuanian language from Germany; it was the address to both the Lithuanians and the Lithuanian military men. The address was distributed among the Lithuanian military men.

Around 13 o’clock of June 22 the common soldier of 615-th artillery regiment P. Pilvinis and other Lithuanians heard the appeal of the Klaipeda radio station to the combatants of 29-th corps, about 20 o’clock it was ordered to lieutenant B. of the 297-th rifle regiment by the on duty officer to bring from the shooting grounds the combatants snipers with their equipment. A truck, not far from the cemetery of Varena, the first was gunned down by the German machine gun, one more machine gun fired from the side of the cardboard fabric and from the dump of the railroad embankment, using a heavy machine gun the guard of the 2nd battalion of 262 rifle regiment fired. When the truck returned, empty handed, the political instructors had called them as Lithuanian counter revolutionists. About 23 o’clock an unknown major said that the message was received as to the German occupation of Merkine and about the fact that they reside about 30km away from the Varensk camp.

On the night of June 23 in the most of the units of the 184-th TRD the rebellion started: the Lithuanians cut off the telephone lines to the headquarters, they acquired ammunition and agreed as to the organization of cooperation. The headquarters couldn’t reach units, the Lithuanian- signalists, who were sent to repair the lines, didn’t return. At 6 a.m. of June 23, the order was given to retreat in the direction of Valkininkai.

The 1st battalion of the 297-th regiment, without the 1st rota, which hadn’t obeyed the order and remained at the old place, decamped, however on the way the sergeant K. from the 616-th artillery regiment shot down the soviet commanding officers, whereafter the battalion had returned. The 2nd battalion retreating along the following route: Mal. Poruchay, Yakanchai, Puozhai, had reached Valkininkai, where it had bear arms and also eliminated commanding category of the Red Army. On the march the single combatants and commanding officers started to take run from the battalion, in particular the lieutenant D.Chivas. In the neighbor of the Yurgelenis village and in other places the battles between the German forces and Soviet ones were.

The battalion stopped in the Dugnaysk woods; here the Lithuanians had entrenched and decided not to retreat in the East. Captain P. Pochebutas, lieutenants P. Ayushura, A. Lyauba, K. Zaronkis and others were the initiators of the rebellion.

At 23:20 o’clock of June 23 per the prearranged signal “Forward, March” the rebels started to disarm the politics workers and their deputies, the Red Army men, young communists and other loyal to the Soviet power activists. The short battle had taken place with the Red Army soldiers. Captain Tyapkin the commanding officer of the battalion, the political instructors Krasnov and Zakharov, the political instructor deputies Garyenis and Golstein were killed. At time of the battalion meeting with the commanding officer of the 616-th artillery regiment, some Lithuanian soldier had slaughtered him with a bayonet and thrown him off the horse, because the soviet commanding officer had pulled out his saber from the sheath. The second lieutenant Uogintas shot down the commissar using the pistol. The Red Army signalists, who were on their way, were also killed. On the way, the political instructor from the 8th rota of their regiment Volkov was also killed. At half past one at night of June 24 on the highway Rudishkes-Khazbievichi 2km of North-Eastern Rudishkes, the 4th and the 5th companies of the 297-th rifle regiment had joined the German. The third battalion by eliminating of authorized person of the 3rd department, red army combatants and their commanding officers, had withdrawn to the North of the Bobrishkes-Valkininkai road.

The Lithuanians had slaughtered the Jews, the Poles and the Byelorussians, while the Germans had scandalized…

One managed to identify that the main forces of the 184-th TRD had left Varensk camps to the North-East, but they didn’t reach Vilnius. They had gathered in the Valkininkai region, where they were surrounded by the Germans. Here its operational record had actually ended: those units of the division that preserved loyalty had escaped the surrounding with the fight and they went on to the East (who went to Vilnius, who went in the direction of the Byelorussian border – to Smorgon’ and Molodechno), but the most part of them had surrendered without any resistance. The surrendered soldiers and officers for the most part had entered the various police and punitive units, which were formed by the Nazi in the occupied territory. In particular, the obscure glory was left by the 12-th Lithuanian police battalion, which was under the command of the former Lithuanian major Antanas Impulyavichus.
The bloody trace of this battalion had spread across the Jewish ghetto in both Lithuania and Byelorussian, the castigators left traces in Katyn as well, where, except of the Polish officers, by the Germans and their accompliances many Jews and non-Jews (soviet prisoners of war and simple civilians) were annihilated.

In 1962 in Kaunas at the open judicial trial about the case of the mass killing of the Jews during the years of the Second World War, 8 former castigators of 12-th battalion were condemned to the supreme penalty (execution), but the battalion commander major A. Impulyavichus himself, who escaped into USA, wasn’t given away to the Soviet side (he wasn’t given away to the authorities of independent Lithuania as well).

In the military and historical journal (MHJ) (No. 2 of 1990) the excerpt from the book “In bloody vertex” of the former employee of Telshyaskogo district department of the People’s Commissariat for State Security of Lithuania I. Damba, afterwards the entrepreneur from Israel, was published. Iyehil Damba had sent to the desk its documentary, devoted to the Holocaust of the Jewish population in both Lithuania and Byelorussia, in fact for the review, because he had required making amendments according to his comments, because he was precautious that some episodes can be used for the anti-Soviet propaganda. MHJ had given a high mark, comparing him with the famous work “In August of 1944”.

But what’s more important that the specified excerpt from the book was devoted right to one of the “actions” of that 12-th police battalion so to say on the way, in the Belorussian town Slutsk.

The German commissioner from Slutsk, in his letter (with the label “Top secret”) to the general commissioner of Minsk of 30 October 1941 described in detail the brutality, which were made by the Lithuanians in Slutsk, who eliminated in two days all its Jewish community and exenterated their property. Then the Belorussians received the same conjointly. The commissioner writes: “Many Belorussians, who trusted us, are disturbed after this. They were so frighten that aren’t liable to freely express their thoughts, however there are already voices that this day did not bring the credit to Germany and it won’t be forgotten…During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday this battalion had left the city. They had left in the direction of Baranovichi. The citizens of Slutsk are very happy to hear this news”. And at the end: “I ask to fulfill one my wish: hereafter to protect me from this police battalion”.

During the passing of Vilnius, the pulling off convoys were fired by the teams of the Lithuanian soldiers, who had protected the winter apartments of the 179-th division and the 615-th Corps artillery regiment. The 615-th CAR during the clash with the rebels had lost about 200 people of its staff and virtually all its materiel (31 guns and 32 tractors) passing via the city. No more than 2000 Lithuanians had come out in the territory of Byelorussia from the staff of the 29-th TRC (18000 persons).

After that the 184-th division had shown its full impropriety, the commandment of the 11-th army didn’t choose to throw into a battle the 179-th territorial rifle division (the commanding officer is the colonel A.I. Ustinov).

Today’s Lithuania – the successor of the “glorious” past

The Chairperson of the parliament committee on the foreign affairs Emanuelis Zingeris and the deputy of the polish party Electoral event of the Lithuanian Poles Yaroslav Narkevich together with additional four members of the Seim demand from the General Prosecutor Office the firm measures regarding the song of the Lithuanian band “Dictature” with its song “Shalchininkaysky region”.

According to the deputies’ opinions, the song consists of slanderous expressions, heats the ethnic dissention, and sows the enmity between the representatives of different nationalities.

The defenders of the popular song believe that “Shalchininkaysky region” is totally inoffensive creation of the “humorous content that has nothing to do with the ethnic dissention heating”. Meanwhile, the Poles have called the performers fascists.

The “Dictature” is the favorite group of the nationalistically disposed Lithuanian youth. The Shalchininkaysky region is the place of the compact living of the Lithuanian poles not far from Vilnius.

IА REGNUM provides the interlinear translation of the song, which is placed on the informational portal Delfi.lt.

I see the red flame,
The Shalchininkaysky region is burning,
The flaming plague is raging,
The time of the Poles is up.
The Holy War is coming,
If you are here you won’t run from the plague,
There will be no tomorrow,
The doom of the Poles is foreclosing.
The seed disseminated by the Poles is gone.
The sadly insulted seed says.
All Poles are hanged,
The slaughtered Russians are lying under the fence,
The Jews already burn in the furnace,
Only the real Lithuanians are still alive ones,
It is the time to put everything in order in Vilnius
To rise high the steel hand,
The time for the decisive battle with the Russians,
Two variants and you will become free.
You are not satisfied yourself, then why aren’t you killing them?
The Lithuanians don’t behave like hogs in the soup!
When the indigenous dwellers will find their place,
Our city will be clean.
Finally, thousands of the Russians will die,
And Vilnius will be only ours once again.
All Poles have already hanged,
The slaughtered Russians are lying under the fencing,
The Jews already burn in furnace,
Only the real Lithuanians are still alive ones.

Let’s see you saying after all that NATO is peaceful organization that has admitted as its member the same utmost peaceful “democratic” Lithuania…


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Author: Карновский Юрий Зиновьевич

Publication date : 04 July 2011 12:02

Source: The world and we