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USA + EU = Reich + SS



Winston Churchill is gulity of thousands of deaths in The Battle of Britain

Winston Churchill was a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jim martin

About the neo-Nazi diarrhea in the countries of the Baltic States or as the USA raise the fascism again

lol https://news.yahoo.com/inside-the-kremlins-disinformation-war-against-ukraine-183128480.html

sir bonklalot

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

Glory to the heroes.

Taras Lepezdryuchenko

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

The great "Canadian" "journalist" Argyle Turner, again hot on the heels of something big! Hey Argyle, are your bills still being paid in Ro

насрать Владимиру в глотку

Thousands people oppose the construction of military biological laboratory of the USA in Merefa

It seems the Russians are now going to have a look at what they were doing in the Merefa biological lab


Ivan Datsenko from Ukraine is the leader of the Indians and the agent of the Soviet intelligence service

Переклад просто жахливий

Roman Kordun

Excuse us, Russians...



The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

What the fuck? This is a joke right? Not a single thing I've read here is true


The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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The truth of history: Wehrmacht, just as SS, slaughtered and raped on a mass scale

This article is full of FALSE information...honestly it seems as though the writer just made most of it up, there is nothing sourced, shows no proo

Emily Vidovic

Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

nice article

nice one

The USA and other organizers of anti-Russian sanctions stand up for Nemtsov's murder

USA go to hell!

Fuck USA!

Some pieces of advice to the president Putin: Russia played too long in international law …

It is senseless to tell an aggressor about norms of international law. It is useless to appeal to reason to the party suffering from full insanity. It is vain to speak about conscience to executioners and murderers. The USA declared the war to Russia and it is absolutely clear. That they conduct it not by own hands, doesn’t say that the USA isn’t at war. They simply got used to be at war others hands at distance because the USA is the cowards and their army can be at war only against much weaker opponent.

So Brzezin Zbigniewski, the President of «The center of political forecasting and analysis» considers who stated the point of view concerning the Ukrainian crisis in the interview to the Canadian journalist Argyl Terner.

- So-called «president of Ukraine» is set the task: any ways to involve Russia in war. And whatever Russia does, it is already appointed guilty.

After «Boeing-777» crash near Donetsk Kiev will take the following step, to force Russia to use the armed forces up to the armed provocation against the Crimea or other Russian territories and to achieve a reason for input of the armed contingents of NATO on the territory of Ukraine.
Kiev simply has no other way out because it can write off the crash of the Ukrainian economy only for war. And this war is with Russia.

Regardless of what results will yield the investigation of circumstances of «Boeing-777» crash on July 17 near Donetsk, the West already appointed Russia and personally the president Vladimir Putin guilty.

In such situation the appeals of Russia to objectivity and common sense concerning an assessment of the events occurring in Ukraine, are perceived by the USA and the West as a sign of weakness, uncertainty and cowardice generally.

So what do we know:

1. On February 22 there was an armed revolution in Kiev, about one hundred people were killed by «unknown snipers», the lawful president of Ukraine was compelled to leave the country. So-called Ukrainian «opposition» together with the countries guarantors France, Germany and Poland didn’t satisfy the agreement conditions, which was signed with Yanukovych shortly before it.
Before and after this event in Kiev and other cities of the center and the West of Ukraine the supporters of Maidan and «Right Sector» took the office buildings and arsenals. Investigation isn’t made.

2. The new parliamentary majority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine tried to forbid the Russian language. In regions of the Southeast of Ukraine, the Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk areas the referenda about self-determination were held as the population of these regions didn’t wish to associate resignedly with EU and to destroy the economy. Thanks to existence of the Russian naval base in Sevastopol the process of reunion of the Crimea with Russia was bloodless.

3. After holding referenda in Lugansk and Donetsk, Kiev set the armies to these regions. On April 13 the decision on carrying out so-called «anti-terrorist operation, attraction of the Ukrainian army to participation in it, National Guard, forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and «special» battalions which are not provided by the legislation of Ukraine was made.
At first their population tried to stop military equipment of the Ukrainian army peacefully. However on April 24 in Slavyansk the Ukrainian army was the first who applied the weapon against unarmed inhabitants, five people were lost. Investigation isn’t made.

4. On May 2 in Odessa the pro-Kiev forces set on fire the Trade Unions Building. By the most minimum calculations about 100 people were lost. Investigation isn’t made.

5. On May 9 the Ukrainian army and National Guard carried out attack of peace citizens in Mariupol and storm of local police station. It is a lot of victims. Investigation isn’t made.

6. Forces submitting to Kiev started applying in large quantities the jet systems of volley fire, heavy artillery, tanks and attack aircraft against the civilian population that brought and continues to lead to mass victims among civilians. Attacks of the Russian territory occurred and proceed, there are victims and wounded from the Russian side. Investigation isn’t carried out by the Ukrainian party.

7. The foreign mercenaries from Poland, the Baltic States, Italy, the USA and some other countries in large quantities are at war on the party of the Kiev authorities.

8. On August 17, 2014 «Boeing-777» of «Malaysia airlines» was brought down over the Ukrainian territory. Blame for plane crash was laid to Russia and personally on the president Putin.

9. And at the last, the UN threatens the leaders of insurgents with the Hague tribunal. And it is in spite of the fact that they are not engaged in mass destruction of civilians, but the Kiev authorities.

Any impartial and honest observer, who is soberly estimating the reality, won’t doubt that actually the country terrorist killing the civilians in large quantities, is the state of Ukraine. And insurgents, without sparing the lives, protect the civilians.

Mister president Vladimir Putin! The war is declared to your country, Russia. Don’t think that all Americans approve the policy of Barack Obama who untied it.

Russia played too long in international law which is used by the West now only for rendering the pressure upon Russia.

You have to understand well that US authorities and the West as a whole, regardless of party accessory, understand only the force language.

They perceive your desire to transfer the Ukrainian conflict to a framework of international law as your personal weakness and an infirmity of Russia. From what it follows that such way you provoke an aggressor to further escalation of aggression.

The United States of America decided to launch war in Europe, and they already started it.
If Russia loses in the Southeast of Ukraine, it is waited by huge shocks: the people won’t forgive you the defeat in Ukraine, and the Russian elite, quite possibly, will look for other leader. And the USA won’t miss the possibility to promote these processes actively.

I would like to state you some offers which, probably, in case of their application are capable to stop the West. I don’t doubt that you have many advisers and many special services which provide you quite objective information. Nevertheless, allow to hope that my opinion will be heard by someone from them.

So, here are my offers:

1. To recognize Falkland (the Maldives) as the disputable territory. And it is even better to recognize the sovereignty of Argentina over them.

2. By analogy with «Law on the enslaved people» to adopt the law «About the territories which have been temporarily occupied by the USA» by the State Duma of Russia: to include Texas, California, Hawaii etc in it. It will give the chance to Russia to become the moral world leader really.

3. To adopt the law «About the people against whom the genocide was carried out»: to include the Indians, Tasmania people, the American Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese and the other people in it who were injured during colonial conquests later. It will give the chance of introduction of sanctions against politicians of those countries who are guilty of genocide.

4. To forbid the pass of foreign vessels through the Strait of Kerch in view of the operations which are conducting in Ukraine. It will exclude possibility of deliveries of the foreign arms to Ukraine through the ports located in the Sea of Azov.

5. To suggest Scotland to enter into Customs Alliance, and also to suggest to lease naval base in Edinburgh city. It will promote the encouragement of separatist moods and considerably will weaken the positions of London. Besides, it is necessary to promote in every possible way, also financially, the development of separatist tendencies in the USA and other countries of the West.

6. To provide mass deliveries of modern military equipment and arms to Latin America on the most preferential terms. It will allow to distract considerable financial means of the USA from the European direction and will compel them to increase the naval group in regions of the Central and South America.

7. To declare a complete separation of the economic relations with the Baltic States and Poland, to stop use of the ports of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It has to worsen the financial and economic position of the above-mentioned states considerably.

8. To leave all international treaties which contradict the interests of safety of the Russian Federation: SNV-2, Contracts on conventional arms in Europe, etc.

9. Annually, on January 1, to publish the list of the probable purposes for the Russian ultra precise and nuclear weapon, including tactical, in the European countries of NATO placing the missile defense and military bases in the territory objects. It will allow to strengthen sharply the anti-war moods in Europe.

10. And, at last, considering the receiving of payments from Russia by Ukraine for transit of gas and use of this money for ensuring the war against the population of the Southeast of Ukraine, to demand from the European Union the principle realization «Gas in exchange for the peace in Ukraine». That is, to present Europe with a fait accompli: or it forces the authorities of Kiev to stop destruction of the population of the Southeast, or Russia stops supply of gas via the gas transmission system of Ukraine in connection with impossibility of payment for gas transit.

It is useless to try to win against united forces of the USA and Western Europe in the territory of Ukraine. It is necessary to use their methods in their territory.

I think also that the big shock for the USA will be when after a while, certainly, absolutely incidentally, on border between Mexico and the USA there will be armed insurgents who will start destroying the American police officers and other authorities.

The USA has to receive such problems at home that they in general have to forget about the claims for world leadership and return back at the time of an isolationism. And Europe has to stop seeing the leader in the USA.

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Author: Argyl Terner, Canada

Publication date : 29 July 2014 17:54

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