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USA + EU = Reich + SS



Winston Churchill is gulity of thousands of deaths in The Battle of Britain

Winston Churchill was a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jim martin

About the neo-Nazi diarrhea in the countries of the Baltic States or as the USA raise the fascism again

lol https://news.yahoo.com/inside-the-kremlins-disinformation-war-against-ukraine-183128480.html

sir bonklalot

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

Glory to the heroes.

Taras Lepezdryuchenko

The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

The great "Canadian" "journalist" Argyle Turner, again hot on the heels of something big! Hey Argyle, are your bills still being paid in Ro

насрать Владимиру в глотку

Thousands people oppose the construction of military biological laboratory of the USA in Merefa

It seems the Russians are now going to have a look at what they were doing in the Merefa biological lab


Ivan Datsenko from Ukraine is the leader of the Indians and the agent of the Soviet intelligence service

Переклад просто жахливий

Roman Kordun

Excuse us, Russians...



The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

What the fuck? This is a joke right? Not a single thing I've read here is true


The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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The U.S. State Department: Russia prepares aggression against the USA by hand of Chukchi people

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

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The truth of history: Wehrmacht, just as SS, slaughtered and raped on a mass scale

This article is full of FALSE information...honestly it seems as though the writer just made most of it up, there is nothing sourced, shows no proo

Emily Vidovic

Turkmenia surprises: Arkadag will be instead of Turkmenbashi!

nice article

nice one

The USA and other organizers of anti-Russian sanctions stand up for Nemtsov's murder

USA go to hell!

Fuck USA!

Ukraine has no chances being the state...

The Ukrainian power continues to remain «can with spiders» where everyone is ready to destroy another one, despite creation of the coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. That one and many other reasons approach inevitable crash of Ukraine as the state. The famous political scientist, the president of the Centre of System Analysis and Forecasting (Kiev, Ukraine) Rostislav Ishchenko answers the questions of «The world and we».
How long the coalition created in the Verkhovna Rada will be able to exist? Are any insoluble contradictions between the main political forces entering it?
The coalition bears in itself all signs of comprehensive crisis of the Ukrainian power which were before its formation. If the public prosecutor Yarema calls Kolomoysky’s employees for questionings and «representatives of the people» demand Yarema’s dismissal on Kolomoysky’s tip-off, it is a sign of crisis proceeds. Besides, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko have not iridescent relations. I would even not tell that there is some real coalition. More likely, this situational majority which is declared by the coalition, but tomorrow, once Poroshenko weakens, this majority can be directed against him or against Yatsenyuk — against anyone.
There is no more or less steady program which could unite these forces. There is simply the desire to be in power.
— How do you estimate the statements of the Kiev authorities for need of the extra block status removal from Ukraine and for intentions to enter NATO in the fastest way?
Ukraine isn’t the extra block state upon. Regardless of the fact that it is written down in the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, but, nevertheless, Ukraine rather accurately declared the pro-American choice which it calls «European». And in the conditions of rigid opposition when Washington doesn’t hide that its task is the destruction of Russia, it is clear that if you become the ally of one, so automatically become the enemy of another. So extra block statehood is out of the question for a long time.
Especially as right after Nazi revolution its organizers told that their victory is in Moscow from their point of view. And emphasized that consider Russia as the enemy.
As for the accession to NATO, it is unreal and it is impossible simply because Ukraine won’t be accepted there. And it was declared by representatives of NATO at all levels. And it is possible to discuss it as much as necessary —it is discussed for 20 years and can be discussed more.
What aims are pursued in connection with attraction of «foreign experts» in the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers? Are they «controllers» from the West or are employed for performance of certain internal political tasks?
From my point of view, it is simply rather clever move of Poroshenko who allowed to put the Ministry of Finance under control and to receive some excess portfolios for the people. If he offered any Ukrainian friends to these positions, Yatsenyuk would disagree with him and would be absolutely right.
When Poroshenko offered foreigners, Yatsenyuk who shouted he has foreign advisers in all ministries and they advise how to work, could object nothing. Thus, Poroshenko received control over key positions in the government.
— Concerning these «experts» it is told that they are put for control of financial streams which will arrive from the IMF, the EU and other countries. Will they carry out such task?
The one who speaks so, let explains why the IMF can’t check financial streams which arrive to Ukraine without Yaresko. They can perfectly control all this both by means of Yatsenyuk and without his help. The IMF is the IMF and Ukraine is Bantustan.
What do you think of creation of the Ministry of Information Policy in Ukraine? Many experts note that on the purposes and tasks it corresponds to the Ministry of National Education and Promotion of the Third Reich. Is there such compliance?
There are no compliances here. It is simply one more bureaucratic gadget. The number of the ministries in this government increased by two. Simply «good» people were lack of enough portfolios, it was necessary to provide them with positions. Because if to consider this ministry from the information and propaganda point of view, only the foolish person who isn’t understanding how the officialdom works can speak about this ministry as about the structure directed on promotion and censorship.
Because the ministry is just created now. It is necessary to write the Provision on the ministry, to gather the office of the ministry, it is necessary to allocate the budget to this ministry and only then it will be able to begin the work. It can occur not earlier than the next fiscal year.
In reality the half of a year would be necessary for it to begin though some normal, adequate work. And is there no censorship, promotion, the government doesn’t control mass media without this ministry in Kiev now that it was necessary to create one more ministry? They are perfectly controlled by information management of Presidential Administration and SBU. It was just necessary to give a portfolio of the minister to one «good» person and the deputy minister’s portfolios to several more «good» people. Here the ministry appeared.
— What prospects does the Ukrainian power have? Already now the fan cutoffs begin, what to wait further?
Those one which isn’t exist, can’t have the prospects. And Ukraine has no power — it has neither gas, nor coal, oil, and soon the electricity won’t be. About what power is it possible to speak?
— The long phase of an imaginary truce is now observed during military operations on Donbass. Till what period it can proceed?
The main problem is that Kiev simply has no forces to attack DNR and LNR. At the same time the army of the national republics isn’t ready to large offensive operations yet. At least because it still is finally not reformatted from an atamanshchina, voluntary formations in regular army.
And when such semi-voluntary army starts freeing Novorossiya’s territory, excesses are possible which will undermine trust to all idea of the Russian world. Therefore until Novorossiya’s army won’t gain regular character and Novorossiya’s power won’t create the operated government institutions, serious offensive operations on Novorossiya’s initiative are out of the question. They can be as reaction to some actions of Kiev, but not on own initiative.
Now the process of regular armed forces creation of Novorossiya entered a closing stage. With smaller success, but rather actively are engaged in the state construction. Therefore it is possible to assume that through some time the army of Novorossiya will show a certain activity.
But the front from Kiev can fail much earlier than Novorossiya will be ready to come. Simply because it is cold, hungrily, the army doesn’t see special sense in the stay at the front — not clearly what it has to do there. And therefore that all have the wives, children, parents and to live in the territory under control to Kiev become worse and worse.
Therefore the question of front destruction is a matter of time, but not the principle. Theoretically it could already collapse. Especially taking into account the civil strives, which constantly break off the Kiev power. It can collapse during few days, months. It is a problem subjectively of the relations of certain people to a political reality and it is definitely not predicted on time. But it is clear that it surely will occur.

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Author: Mikhail Mikhaylov

Publication date : 14 January 2015 00:00

Source: The world and we